Monday, August 18, 2014

1755 beer analytical data

What would you expect from this book:

Johann Christian Zimmermann (Doctor der Medizin und Practicus) 
Allgemeine Grundsätze der Theoretisch-Practischen Chemie

Right! Analytical data of beers.
Sadly 1755 their methods were not as standardized as today, but I managed to convert them to readable data:

The author was in Berlin as he sampled the beers, I assume  he got his local beers fresh so they are not as sour as the others.
Interestingly its not even the "sour styles" like Berliner Weisse which contain the most acid.

As you can see they sold unfermented wort as "Braun-Speise-Bier" (brown table beer).

And you can see that Braunbier was commonly high in og and low fermented being only lightly sour. That really was some kind of liquid bread.

I had to calculate the lactic acid from "the amount of sal alkali fixum used for saturation".
I assumed he means sodium carbonate-1-hydrate. So I simply compared the mole-weights - any other ideas from the chemists?
If you compare the acid numbers with the other tables it seems reasonable for me.

Any suggestions how to recalculate the OG and Attenuation with regard of the acid? is there any formula?

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